Fire Stop Solutions

Kingspan is an committed to the development of innovative and reliable fire stop solutions to stop the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gasses.

For over 7 years, Kingspan has worked hand-in-hand with the construction industry to create modern firestop solutions for all types of new construction and retrofit applications. Considering the increasing complexity of new building constructions, this is no small task. All of our systems are tested and certified by accredited laboratories all over the world, and we offer the broadest range of UL Classified Systems, more than any other fire- stop manufacturer. Kingspan develops and manufactures innovative and reliable firestop solutions for a very wide range of penetrations and joint applications.

Whether you are building or renovating a hospital, skyscraper, industrial complex or other structure that requires passive fire protection, chances are Kingspan has a complete firestop solution for all your facility.

Regardless of the project, Kingspan and its partners work to provide end-to-end firestop solutions and other fire protection solutions that go beyond worldclass products. Whether its recommending listed systems, consulting with engineers or architects, training installers or meeting with code officials, our fire protection experts can help meet your needs.